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The Best Travel Guide to Antwerp.
Antwerp is the city that strongly believes that you can always do things just that little bit differently. Enjoy architectural feats such as the Antwerp Law Courts, the Bourla Theatre and MAS Museum aan de Stroom. Treat yourself to dishes from all over the world.
Toerisme in Antwerpen 2021 Beoordelingen Tripadvisor.
Alle fotos weergeven. Toerisme in Antwerpen Hotels in Antwerpen BB's' in Antwerpen. BB's' in Antwerpen. Vakantiepakketten voor Antwerpen Vluchten naar Antwerpen Restaurants in Antwerpen Wat te doen in Antwerpen Winkelen in Antwerpen. Winkelen in Antwerpen. Foto's' van Antwerpen Kaart van Antwerpen.
Antwerp Builds Tourism Future on Mass Waterfront Development Travel Agent Central.
The city of Antwerp, supported by its Port Authority, city government, locally-based shipping companies, and a knowledge partnership with the University of Antwerp, has invested mightily in the last decade in the development of its 3.5 mile Scheldt River waterfront strip as a bridge to a sustainable tourism future.
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Tourism in Antwerp, Belgium Europe's' Best Destinations.
Beaches of Porto Santo. Tourism in Antwerp. Hotels in Antwerp. Ask an Antwerp local about his city and he will pour you a Bolleke beer, face beaming, and tell you about its majestic Cathedral, about walks along the quays and about the citys master painter, Peter Paul Rubens.
Flanders Hospitality and Tourism FlaHost AP Hogeschool.
The FlaHost programme offers you a unique way of learning about fields of Hotel Management and Tourism Leisure Management. The FlaHost programme is a joint organisation of AP University of Applied Sciences Arts located in Antwerp, campus Meistraat and Thomas More located in Mechelen, campus De Vest.
New Cruise Terminal Antwerp 2021-Cruiseschepen in Antwerpen.
At the moment the ships can still be found below the hangar of the Noorderterras, but they will soon have to be moved for the start of the construction works. To make Het Steen the tourist centre of Antwerp the Office of Tourism, which is currently located at the Grote Markt, will be moved to Het Steen.
Antwerp Wikitravel.
Park Inn Astrid Hotel, Koningin Astridplein 2018 Antwerp, 32 3 202 31 70, 11. This new hotel in Antwerp has 59 rooms and is ideally situated in the heart of the city's' Diamond District on Koningin Astrid Square near the famed Zoo Antwerpen.
Visit Antwerp Antwerp World Diamond Centre.
Located in the north of Belgium, nearby the border with the Netherlands, Antwerp lies along a myriad of access routes, making transportation to and from the city remarkably convenient. Antwerp's' diamond district can be found adjacent to the Central Railway Station and the famous Antwerp Zoo, within easy walking distance of the Meir, which is the city's' main shopping street.

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